About us

Gospodinov Lawyers was founded by Borislav Gospodinov and Teodora Ivanova – attorneys as law. It is registered in at the Sofia Bar Association and the Sofia City Court.

We believe that professionalism is not proven by words, but by deeds. We strive to keep up with modern practices for service and communication with customers. We want you to feel in safe hands and get the service you need in the easiest and most practical way.

Our team is small but effective. We strive to come up with tailor-made solutions and are always reaching for the best result.

We appreciate your time and ours – as well!

If something can be said or written clearly and briefly or done quickly and easily, there is no need to complicate it.

Even when we discuss complex legal cases with our clients, we try to do so in understandable language because we believe that the Law is not about usage of complex legal expressions, but in using it as a tool to improve human logic and ethics.

Our working languages are Bulgarian, English and Russian.


Borislav Gospodinov - Attorney-at-law

Borislav Gospodinov

Masters degree at law since 2004
Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
Member of Sofia Bar Association since 2006

Teodora Ivanova - Attorney-at-law

Teodora Ivanova

Masters degree at law since 2014
“St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo
Member of Sofia Bar Association since 2017